Bicycle and e-scooter reviews

Bikelabs has extensive experience reviewing (electric) bikes and electric scooters for international consumer organizations and other clients. We provide reliable and objective review data from lab tests, field tests and expert evaluations.

Each bicycle or e-scooter model is tested in a standardized way, thus providing objective data to compare models side by side.

How it works

  1. We use a test bench to measure different parameters such as as the range, motor power and pedalling assistance while the bike is subjected to different speeds, inclinations and drag forces to simulate real world conditions (hills, flat sections, urban traffic with frequent starting/stopping)
  2. We enrich this data with user experience scored parameters such as comfort, handling, cornering, build quality, noise level,..
  3. An easily interpretable report is created

Bike reviews

Motor performance tests

  • Pedaling assistance
  • Electrical consumption (Wh/km)
  • Dynamic motor test program

In-field expert assessment (evaluation of 200+ items)

  • Ease-of-use
  • Handling properties (cornering, braking, climbing, gearing, stability etc.)
  • Reactivity
  • Comfort and noise level
  • Parking and stowing
  • Static evaluation (cable management, build quality, maintenance, battery handling)
  • Shimmy test
  • Performance on slopes

Brake tests

  • Brake test in accordance with ISO4210-4
  • Dry and wet conditions
  • Additional in-field and lab tests

Stiffness tests

  • Lateral stiffness test
  • Headtube stiffness test
  • Rear triangle stiffness test

E-scooter review

Performance tests (lab tests)

  • Braking distance
  • Maximum speed and acceleration at full battery capacity
  • Average speed and consumption on a test track simulating real world conditions
  • Vibration level

In-field expert assessment (evaluation of 100+ items)

  • Ease-of-use
  • Handling properties (cornering, braking, accelerating, start, stop, etc.)
  • Power train and electrical equipment
  • Battery
  • Build quality
  • Maintenance
  • Adjustment range steer height