Test your Bike

Bikelabs specializes in frame tests according to ISO4210 and EN standards

These are the tests that we currently offer:

Bicycles – ISO 4210

  • Frame – fatigue test with pedalling forces (ISO4210-6) (bottom bracket fatigue test)
  • Frame – fatigue test with a vertical force (ISO4210-6)
  • Frame – fatigue test with horizontal forces (ISO4210-6)
  • Frame – impact test – Falling mass
  • Frame and front fork assembly – impact test – Falling frame
  • Brake performance test (ISO4210-4)
  • Brake mount fatigue test (ISO4210-6) – simulating rear wheel brake force

These tests can be performed on the following categories of bikes: City and trekking bicycles / Young adult bicycles / Mountain bikes / Racing bikes

E-bikes – EN 15194

  • Stiffness tests
  • Fatigue tests
  • Impact test

Children’s Bicycles – ISO 8098

Overview coming soon

Speed Pedelecs – L1e-B

Overview coming soon

Other Tests

  • Test rig to measure rolling resistance and tyre pressure effects at irregular surfaces
  • Temperature room to perform tests at various temperature levels (from -20 tot +50 degrees Celsius)
  • E-Bike checker to measure motor assistance, range and consumption levels
  • Optical sensor to detect cracks or failures that are invisible with the eye